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Our world is continuously changing – digitalization is omnipresent, the population is aging, millions of people are relocating, and the climate is warming. This affects all of us. The challenges ahead are complex and unpredictable. 

Climate-KIC Certified Professional introduces a pan-European standard for the postgraduate job market, emphasizing competencies that will make the workforce fit to tackle these challenges. To address different requirements, three strands of certificates have been identified. These operate on different levels: 

  • Accelerating Transitions - emphazises competencies relevant for driving systemic change.
  • Promoting Innovation - addresses the development of new products, processes, or services and it can have implications for an entire system.
  • Driving Entrepreneurship - implies a more detailed level with usually clearly defined boundaries; an organisational unit.

The certification scheme will be fully launched in 2017. Join us now for the Pilot phase and help us make this certificate as pertinent as possible! 

Preparation Tool

See if you are eligible and ready to join the pilot phase of Certified Professional in Accelerating Transitions.