Accelerating Transitions is about facilitating profound changes in a system along different dimensions: technological, material, organizational, institutional, political, economic, and socio-cultural. Transitions involve a broad range of actors and typically unfold over considerable time-spans. In the course of such a transition, new paradigms or mental models, as well as new products, services, business models, and organizations emerge, partly complementing and partly substituting others. Transitions are typically non-linear processes and are aimed at systemic change. Systemic change implies change processes in socio-technical systems including several interrelated and interdependent elements, such as various types of actors and institutions, as well as material artefacts and knowledge.

In 2015 the team behind Certified Professional developed the Competency Framework for Accelerating Transitions. It was then tested internally - the Climate-KIC community with over 1000 alumni of the Pioneers into Practice programme provided a representative frame of reference. 75 candidates from 15 nations in Europe and beyond joined. Assessors from Austria, Germany, Hungary, and the UK helped verify the assessment methods and scoring framework. A public pilot phase in the following year further helped validate this certification offer and confirmed its relevance to the transition community. The response was enthusiastic overall and spurred the development of this new certification offer.

Download the Transitions Competency Framework