Innovation means transforming ideas into facts, which takes imagination and creativity. Imagination in the sense of generating thoughts that are not present in our minds and creativity in the sense of generating ideas of value. As Climate-KIC we focus on ideas that provide solutions to environmental and social problems or needs.

“Promoting Innovation” goes beyond innovation. It builds on addressing challenges, developing an idea of value, which can both address the micro level (e.g. the development of new products, processes, or services) and have implications on a systems level (e.g. systems innovation), envisioning and planning. Promoting Innovation equally focuses on the actual implementation. This means engaging and guiding others while learning and adapting to unforeseen circumstances to make the innovation a reality. In the context of Climate-KIC the objective of Promoting Innovation is the development of novel solutions with a value proposition for society in its widest sense; encompassing natural resources, biodiversity, climate protection, and climate change adaptation. Certificate holders have demonstrated that they are competent in managing such innovation processes.

Promoting Innovation operates on an intermediate level between Accelerating Transitions and Driving Entrepreneurship. It is the second Competency Framework developed by Certified Professional and will be further validated in a pilot phase from March to June 2017.