Future-challenges: strengthening the European labour market and continuous climate change.

Experts and employers agree current broad skill sets will not suffice to persist in future. Greater flexibility, experience in envisioning and implementing longer-term projects, as well as capturing the imagination of a variety of stakeholders will be needed. Yet these competencies are conspicuously absent from the national curricula.

Enter: Climate-KIC introducing a generic competency framework detailing competencies required by candidates to succeed in a more challenging and interdisciplinary work environment. Three core areas that are predicted to become increasingly relevant to a greener way of doing business are:

  • Accelerating Transition
  • Promoting Innovation, and
  • Driving Entrepreneurship.

A shared standard will increase the visibility and significance of related competencies; it will also increase transparency and unlock the European labour market. Climate-KIC's assessment process to introduce this new standard is Certified Professional.

An internal test phase of Certified Professional in Accelerating Transition in 2015 met with great enthusiasm; 75 candidates from 15 nations in Europe and beyond applied, assessors from Austria, Germany, Hungary, and the UK helped verify the assessment method. Certified Professional in Accelerating Transition has now entered the pilot phase. A test phase for Certified Professional in Promoting Innovation is scheduled for the end of 2016. A full EIT and cross-KIC framework will be launched in 2017.