From the moment of registration you will have four weeks to complete and submit your application.

To start with you will need to provide some evidence, such as copies of any higher education degree you may hold. The dossier part of the application focuses on how you have acquired or demonstrated the nine competencies you choose to be assessed in. 

Reading through all information provided, gathering the documents required, and completing the form will take you some time. Therefore your application will be stored in your candidate’s profile for you to finalise it and revise the completed sections in stages. From experience you must allow ca. 10 hours to complete a good dossier. 

Please remember that this application form will be your assessor’s first impression, so take time to complete it. Once you submitted your assessor will carefully review the material you selected. If they approve your dossier, you will take part in an interview of approximately 50 minutes.

You will receive your results within four weeks of the interview.