Certified Professional will offer three certificates with a focus on future-oriented skills needed to operate on different levels: 

Accelerating Sustainable Transition emphazises competencies relevant for driving systemic change. Certificate holders will have demonstrated that they are competent in innitiating and implementing change that affects entire cities, regions, countries, industrial sectors, or networks of companies.

Promoting Sustainable Innovation focuses on competencies that are relevant for operating successfully on a level between Entrepreneurship and Accelerating Sustainable TransitionPromoting Sustainable Innovation can address the development of new products, processes, or services or it can have implications for an entire system. Its objective is the development of novel solutions with a value proposition for society in its widest sense; encompassing natural resources, biodiversity, climate protection, and climate change adaptation. Certificate holders have demonstrated their competence in managing such innovation processes.

Driving Sustainable Entrepreneurship implies a more detailed level with usually clearly defined boundaries; an organisational unit. Entrepreneurship in a climate change context not only implies novel business solutions, it also incorporates models of social and environmental entrepreneurship. Development and implementation of innovative and sustainable business models is the goal. Certificate holders have demonstrated that they can successfully develop and implement such new ventures.

During the test or pilot phase the assessment was on a basic proficiency level.