The competency framework “Driving Entrepreneurship” is the conceptual basis for certifying the competencies of entrepreneurship for sustainability. It follows the commonly accepted Brundtland definition of sustainability: “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. An entrepreneur for sustainability in that sense can be a start-up founder with a sustainable business model that helps to solve environmental and/or social problems (e. g. in the renewable energy sector). However, an entrepreneur for sustainability might also be an actor in traditional or established fields and business models, but valuing and enacting sustainability principles in the management of this traditional business (e. g. an apparel industry manager reforming his company’s supply chain towards more sustainability). In other words: The certification is geared towards both, entrepreneurs with a sustainable business model and actors with a traditional business model possessing the entrepreneurial competencies to make these models more sustainable in the above-mentioned sense.


A test phase for "Driving Entrepreneurship" is taking place from March until June 2018 and you can apply via the homepage. If you would like to apply as a test phase candidate, please note you must submit your online dossier form by 31st May 2018!