Certified Professional – an Innovative European Certification Programme

The European policy agendas have identified transversal skills and competencies as key to foster sustainable change in the European job market. Against this background, Certified Professional introduces a pan-European standard for key competencies for the postgraduate job market focussing on sustainable change.

The European Certification programme will measure and certify a new set of competencies to make key actors fit to tackle climate change challenges on multiple societal layers:

  • Certification Programme for “Accelerating Sustainable Transitions” in particular emphasizes competencies for driving systemic change through key actors such as European city networks on a macro level.
  • Certification Programme for “Promoting Sustainable Innovation” addresses creativity competencies to foster the development of new innovative products, processes, or services that can have implications for an entire system.
  • Certification Programme for “Driving Sustainable Entrepreneurship” focuses on essential entrepreneurship competencies that are needed to boost change through bottom-up processes on start-ups and organisational level.

Competencies for Societal Climate Change Innovation 

To succeed in innovation processes, transversal competencies are needed that transcend mere scientific knowledge: managing context for creativity, guiding co-creation processes and leading innovation among others are key to working in a transdisciplinary way on generating new ideas. These skills will enable societal actors and employees to exploit innovations at the interface with other disciplines and industries.